What kind of work exactly do you do?

I am an illustrator and designer. Have a look around this site to get an impression of the kind of stuff I do. Since 2012 a big project for me has been the Berlin Boombox, a cardboard ghettoblaster for smartphones. It started as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter and has since grown into a big part of my work. Studio Axel Pfaender has been founded to manufacture, develop and distribute the Berlin Boombox, which is now being sold through our online store and retailers worldwide. Since 2012 we have been selling over 12.000 units, mostly internationally.
Some fonts I have designed can be downloaded here.
If you’re into dance music, you might like these mp3s of DJ sets by my alter ego DJ Dance.


Where is your studio at?

My Stuttgart Studio is at: Studio Axel Pfaender, Böheimstr. 87a, 70199 Stuttgart

My Berlin studio is at Studio Axel Pfaender, Saarbrücker Straße 25, 10405 Berlin, Germany


How can I contact you?

Give me a call at the studio +49 (0)711 65839520 or send me an e-mail: ap [at] axelpfaender [dot] com

Thank you



Berlin Boombox Website: Berlinboombox.com
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