Hi, my name is Axel.
I am an illustrator, designer, boombox creator and sustainability expert.

With my illustrations I aim to find clear and bold images for complex issues. I transform those dreadful numbers and facts of your corporate report into playful visual stories.

You will always find some whimsical details in my illustrations. Because people will be more willing to listen to your mesage if you don't take yourself too seriously. I work for a broad range of international corporate clients and magazines, like Deutsche Telekom, TÜV Süd, Allianz, Monocle, Dwell Magazine, The Atlantic, Google and Red Bull.

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Berlin Boombox

The Berlin Boombox is a sustainable promotional product, which helps brands stand out from the crowd.

I have been creating, manufacturing and distributiong this bluetooth speaker since 2012. It all started with an awesome Kickstarter campaign.

We produce the Berlin Boombox with custom design for agencies and brands, who use it as a give-away, prize and marketing tool.

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Studio Axel Pfaender
Lehenstr. 30
70180 Stuttgart


ap [at] axelpfaender [dot] com

What else?

If you're into dance music, you might like these mixtapes by my alter ego DJ Dance.